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Image by R. Christian Anderson

About CyberSmart

Our role in the Hoover Dam Bridge Project

Did you know that one of our early ventures was the Hoover Dam Bridge project? This project wasn't just about being a part of constructing an architectural and engineering wonder; it was a testament to our expertise in comprehensive IT infrastructure development and support.

Our Contributions:

  1. IT Infrastructure and Support: We laid the foundational IT infrastructure and provided continuous support throughout the project.

  2. Scientific Instrumentation: Our team installed and maintained critical scientific instruments, including:

    • Anemometers: To measure wind speed for crane and worker safety.

    • Seismic Sensors: These were crucial to assess the impact of construction blasting on the dam's structure.

    • Advanced Cameras: Designed to calculate the volume of blast debris that fell into the river, aiding in its removal as per contractual obligations.

  3. Data Communications Solutions: We established robust communication networks across and into the canyon. This network was vital for:

    • Crane operations.

    • Coordination among engineers, management, and staff.

  4. Laser Guidance and Alignment Systems: A critical component, these systems ensured the precise meeting of the bridge halves, constructed from opposite canyon walls.

The Impact:

Have you ever driven or walked across this engineering marvel? This project not only solidified our reputation in the IT and cybersecurity domain but also demonstrated our ability to handle complex, multidimensional projects.

At CyberSmart, we pride ourselves on our legacy of over two decades in empowering businesses with cutting-edge IT solutions. Our involvement in the Hoover Dam Bridge project is a testament to our evolution in the digital security landscape and our commitment to enhancing business productivity, efficiency, and profitability.



Cybersmart LLC is the evolution of a values and principles-based business endeavor that began over two decades ago in the small town of Boulder City, NV. At first, we focused heavily on helping customers catch up and get ahead of their competition using more capable and efficient workflows that only computer networks, fast internet access, and reliable computer systems could provide. In 2001, everyone knew what the internet was, but most small to medium size businesses still couldn't comprehend what was possible or even how to implement the new tools available to them. We wanted to help change that. We wanted to give the little guys a fighting chance against their biggest competitors by enabling them to use a fraction of their competition's IT budgets to become major players in their industry at a local, national, and in some cases, global level. 

Then, as those newly empowered businesses (our clients) grew, it soon became very clear that our relationship with them was much more than just someone they would call occasionally when they needed help. We needed to be involved in planning and strategy sessions. We were being trusted with intellectual property, executive-level decisions, and more. We became their cost-effective alternative to an in-house IT department and Chief Technical Officer, and we had a mutual interest in each other's success. 

With the rise of cybercrime, it is becoming increasingly common for hackers and other malicious actors to target individuals and businesses in order to steal sensitive information or extort money. In fact, it's likely that you know someone or a company that has been affected by these types of attacks.  From the beginning, digital security and business continuity (the ability for business operations to resume even if the building burns down or if a hacker encrypts your data for ransom) have been core offerings of ours. However, these days more than good data backup and firewalls are needed to properly protect against these new forces. 

Cybersmart is the result of over two decades of real-world experience helping individuals and businesses just like yours in Las Vegas, Henderson, Boulder City, and surrounding states and cities, become more productive, more efficient, more protected from threats, and more profitable.

Our experience and clients come from diverse industries including manufacturing, construction, retail, e-commerce websites, print shops, photographers, dental offices, optometry, medical practices, real estate, accounting, financial planning, payroll processing, advanced science laboratories, churches, bike shops, automotive repair shops, social media advertising firms, engineering firms, attorneys and legal firms, automotive dealers, solar energy providers, and more.

We would be delighted to have the chance to assist your company. Contact us by phone or text, or by filling out the easy form below, and we'll respond promptly. The peace of mind you'll gain will leave you wishing you called us sooner. 

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