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a man wearing a Virtual reality headset immersed in a virtual world with a daytime cityscape and orbiting planet in the sky

Virtual Reality Experience

Yeah...we know you probably have an Oculus quest or have played VR before, but you've never experienced Virtual Reality like this. Find out why below and book your session.

Motion Sickness?

Not with our equipment. Regular VR headsets don't have the performance necessary to eliminate motion sickness caused by sub-optimal refresh rates. What this means is that your brain knows something is not right and lets you know by making you feel dizzy or motion sick. We use high-end PC-based VR equipment that has the power needed to let your brain feel right at home in your virtual world. In other words, you can have fun instead of feeling sick!

More Immersive

With a higher resolution than your standard VR headsets, images are more detailed and crisp. The wider field of view means that your peripheral vision is also engaged leading to a much more immersive experience. Advanced ergonomic controllers are more precise and have more responsive movement tracking making them more comfortable for longer gaming sessions. 

Image by Minh Pham
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