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Security Awareness Training

Key Takeaways



Training Focus

Simplified, accessible for all expertise levels.

Customized Content

Tailored to specific business needs.

Engaging Methods

Interactive, quick sessions with quizzes.


Employees as the first line of defense.

Business Safety

Reducing cyber risks for peace of mind.

Management Reporting

Detailed progress reports for management.

Ease of Training

Convenient email link delivery for each course.


Common Misconceptions About Security Awareness Training

  1. Too Complex for Non-Tech Staff: Many believe cybersecurity training is only for those with technical backgrounds. CyberSmart's training is designed to be universally accessible and understandable.

  2. One-Time Activity: Cybersecurity training is a continuous process, not a one-off event. Regular updates are essential to stay ahead of evolving threats.

  3. Not Necessary for Small Businesses: Small businesses are often more vulnerable to cyberattacks. CyberSmart's training is crucial for businesses of all sizes.

Real-World Examples of Security Breaches Due to Lack of Training

  1. Dallas Police Department Database Leak (2021): The city of Dallas experienced massive data losses due to an IT worker's negligence. The employee, lacking sufficient training in cloud storage file management, deleted 8.7 million critical files, including evidence for cases held by the Dallas Police Department. This resulted in the loss of almost 23 terabytes of data, with only three terabytes recovered, impacting approximately 17,500 cases. This incident highlights the severe consequences of inadequate employee training in handling sensitive data.

  2. Marriott Data Leak (2020): In January 2020, Marriott faced a significant data breach when attackers exploited a third-party application used for guest services. By compromising the credentials of two Marriott employees, the attackers accessed 5.2 million guest records, including sensitive information like passport data and contact details. Marriott's cybersecurity systems failed to detect suspicious activity for two months, underlining the importance of regular cybersecurity monitoring and training to identify and respond to such threats.

  3. Elliott Greenleaf Law Firm Data Theft (2021): Four lawyers at the Elliott Greenleaf law firm conducted an insider theft of sensitive files and emails to assist a competing law firm. This involved copying the firm's files and client database over four months, using unauthorized personal devices and accounts. The firm's lack of monitoring and awareness of such actions led to a significant loss of competitive advantage and the closure of their Wilmington office. This case underscores the need for comprehensive security training and monitoring to prevent insider threats.

An infographic of a young man in a modern well-lit office building around sundown. He works on a laptop on a desk in front of him and is learning about various cybersecurity risks.
CyberSmart's Security Awareness Training fortifies your first line of defense - Your employees

Security Awareness Training by CyberSmart

At CyberSmart, we provide comprehensive Security Awareness Training tailored to your business's unique needs. Our training begins with an assessment to identify knowledge gaps using A.I. (artificial intelligence) and customizes content accordingly.

Why Choose CyberSmart?

  • Over Two Decades of Expertise: Experienced in IT and cybersecurity.

  • Individualized Training: Tailored approach with assessments for each employee.

  • Interactive Learning: Quick, engaging training sessions followed by quizzes.

  • First Line of Defense: Making employees the strongest link in cybersecurity.

  • Progress Reporting: Management receives reports on employee training progress.

  • Easy and Efficient: Training delivered via email links, each module taking about 5 minutes, followed by a short quiz.

  • AI-Enhanced Learning: AI determines if more training is needed and the next topics, ensuring effective learning.

Final Thoughts

Building a Strong Cybersecurity Culture: CyberSmart's training transforms employees into proactive defenders against cyber threats. Our focus on creating a robust cybersecurity culture within your organization is key. This culture not only arms your employees with the necessary skills to identify and respond to cyber threats but also fosters a sense of collective responsibility. As we've seen in real-world examples, the lack of proper training can lead to disastrous consequences. By making cybersecurity awareness second nature to your team, you significantly reduce the risk of breaches and strengthen your overall security posture.

Adapting to an Ever-Changing Threat Landscape: The digital world is constantly evolving, and so are the methods used by cybercriminals. Regular training updates are crucial to keep pace with these changes. CyberSmart’s training ensures that your team is not just informed but also prepared to adapt to new threats as they emerge. We help build a resilient workforce that can not only detect potential threats but also respond effectively to mitigate any risks. This adaptability is crucial in maintaining a strong defense against cyberattacks.

Long-Term Business Security and Success: Implementing CyberSmart's Security Awareness Training is an investment in your business's long-term security and success. A well-trained team enhances your business's credibility and trustworthiness in the eyes of your clients and partners. It goes beyond just protecting your data and assets; it's about building a reputation as a secure and responsible organization. In the age of digital information, this reputation is invaluable. By choosing CyberSmart, you're not just choosing a training program; you're choosing a partner committed to securing your digital future and propelling your business forward in a safe, secure digital environment.

Step Up Your Cybersecurity Game with CyberSmart

Empower your team with CyberSmart's innovative and user-friendly Security Awareness Training. Strengthen your business's defenses and foster a culture of cybersecurity awareness.

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