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IT and Cybersecurity Solutions for Peace of Mind.

From routine help desk support and remote work solutions to strategically protecting your business's computer systems and critical data, we're here to keep your staff happy and your technology healthy.



Protecting your business from the ever-evolving threat of cyber attacks is essential, but most businesses aren't doing enough to ensure they're not vulnerable to attacks. Let us work with you to implement industry-leading security measures that satisfy cyber insurance requirements and offer effective protection. We also offer regular security assessments and testing to ensure your defenses are always up-to-date. Don't let a cyber attack cripple your business.

Managed IT Support

Managed IT support is the key to keeping your business running smoothly. Our team of experienced technicians provide round-the-clock monitoring and maintenance of your IT systems, ensuring that any issues are identified and resolved quickly. With our proactive approach, we can often prevent problems before they even occur. Plus, our remote support capabilities mean we can assist you regardless of your location. Say goodbye to IT headaches and hello to increased productivity and peace of mind with our managed IT support services.

Upgrades and Cabling

Keeping your IT equipment up-to-date is essential for maintaining the productivity and efficiency of your business. Our team of experts can help you upgrade your hardware and software, ensuring that your systems are running at optimal performance. We also offer professional cabling installation services, ensuring that your network is set up for maximum speed and reliability. Don't let outdated technology hold your business back.

What's New

The Best Cybersecurity Strategy for Small Businesses in 2024

In 2024, small businesses must prioritize cybersecurity. Key strategies include educating employees, regularly updating passwords and software, utilizing multi-factor authentication and antivirus software, securing networks and Wi-Fi, and creating a comprehensive cybersecurity plan. Regular data backups, using firewalls, and conducting risk assessments are also crucial for robust digital protection.


The Lifeline for Small Businesses: Why IT Support Services Are Essential

IT support services play a vital role in small business success. Learn how they boost efficiency, productivity, and security while providing cost-effective solutions, access to cutting-edge technology, and scalability for your growing needs. Embrace the power of IT support for a thriving, sustainable business.


Mailchimp Breach

MailChimp suffers another data breach just 6 months after the previous one. Attacker used social engineering to access systems, raising questions about company's security protocols. Data from 133 accounts accessed.


Massive Ransomware Attack on Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Impacts 2.55 Million Individuals

Harvard Pilgrim Health Care (HPHC), a non-profit health services provider, reported a ransomware attack affecting 2.55 million individuals from March 28 to April 17, 2023. The cyberattack resulted in the theft of sensitive information, including names, addresses, health insurance details, and medical histories. This breach impacts both current and former members registered since March 28, 2012. No misuse of the stolen data has been detected yet. To mitigate risk, HPHC is providing credit monitoring and identity theft protection services to the affected. No ransomware group has claimed responsibility so far. Members are advised to be vigilant of unsolicited messages.


T-Mobile Data Breach

T-Mobile breach last year cost company over $350 million.


PayPal Data Breach

PayPal informed customers of a security incident on December 20, 2022, in which unauthorized parties accessed customer accounts using stolen login credentials. PayPal has no evidence that the credentials were obtained from its systems and no reports of misuse of personal information.


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